Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Rust" Brothers Convicted in Absentia 

I'll try to translate later if I have time, but the brothers of the shooting victim from the episode at Rust have been convicted (apparently in absentia) for a prior act of violence against a doorman at a different place last February. These are the guys who the imam from the Islamic Faith organization suggested, rather darkly, would not be able to restrain from bloody vengeance (in retaliation for their brother's death) unless they were paid off with hundreds of thousands of crowns and the (arrested) doorman's family leave Copenhagen. The monetary part of this extortionate suggestion was later rescinded.

One brother, you may recall, was hospitalized under police protection (because the incident that led to his brother's murder was in fact an assault on the doorman who subsequently shot him), then sprung from the hospital by a gang of hooded thugs.

The brothers are currently believed to be living in the West Bank. The Islamic Faith imam had previously told authorities they would return to Copenhagen to be present for their court cases.

They have not.

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