Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Where the Hell Am I? 

In the past four days there've been two family birthdays, a funeral, a poker night, a delayed Julfrokost-slash-retirement party, and a significant increase in my professional workload. Molli's been very cooperative, but there still hasn't been enough time to put out an Almanac, a blog post, or even a peep on the Moronic Underground. Non-urgent emails are piling up in my inbox. Laundry isn't getting done. I don't see things clearing up at all until early next week.

It's disappointing because the busiest times are also obviously also the most fertile for things to write about—but suffice it to say I'm keeping notes and will hopefully be able to wax moronic more regularly in a week or so. Please be patient if I owe you an email!

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